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Our history

History of "Tasma" started in 1933 as a Factory film number 8. The name "Tasma" (in deciphering the "Tatar Sensitive Materials") the company received in 1974.

The company experienced different periods in its nearly century-old history.

Kazan factory was the only factory in the USSR which continued to work during the Second World War. Great burden of responsibility to ensure the country's film went on it. A significant number of films, aerofilms, papers supplied for the needs of the front. In 1944, the factory was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor USSR.

In the postwar period, the factory actively promoted production of color films, new films for medicine, holography, microfilming, the printing industry.

In the 70 years, the production complex of industrial X-ray film was put into operation.

Since the early 80's, “Tasma” conducted intensive construction, commissioning new building, improved manufacturing processes, install new equipment.

Today, "Tasma" is the only manufacturer in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. «Tasma» has its own technological and industrial base, providing a full complete cycle of design and manufacture a wide range of diagnostic and registrational films, such as industrial X-ray film, aerospace film and other special-purpose film.

Hundreds of leading companies in the oil and gas, machinery, shipbuilding, aviation, missile and space and nuclear industries are working with "Tasma" films. For many years, "Tasma" is a supplier of films for the needs of the Russian Defense Ministry and has established itself as a reliable partner.

There are the following companies in the structure of the group of companies: Management Company "Tasma", Scientific and Production Enterprise "Tasma", Trading Company "Tasma".

Milestones of “Tasma” history


Main events


Reorganization of Management Company


Corporatization and privatization of the enterprise


The first samples of color film


The first industrial X-ray film


The first graphic arts film for publishing


Production to produce anti-fog film


The first aero film


The first cinefilm


The first samples of the films


Creating a film factory