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A set of chemical reagents “TRT-301”

Ingredients (the set comes as dry mixtures):
  • Developer “TRT-301P”;
  • Fixer “TRT-301F”;
  • Regenerator "TRT-301R”.
The set allows to (unlike the "Roentgen -2" set):
  • increase by 20% the number of films processed without replacement solutions;
  • prepare working solutions directly to drinking water without additional treatment (boiling, distillation);
  • increase the average gradient of processed films by 10-15% and the resolving power of one group of lines without changing the values of sensitivity and optical density of fog.
The set of chemical reagents is used for tanks of processing industrial X-ray film.

The set comes in the form of dry mixtures for the preparation of working solutions of 1.5, 3.0, 5.0 and 15.0 liters and can process not less than 1.8 m2 of film and 3.6m2, 6m2, 8m2 of industrial X-ray film accordingly.
The set is a flame-proof and blast-proof and don't cause any toxic or irritating to humans and the environment while respecting the requirements of safe storage, transportation and operation of the manufacturer.

Purpose of the regenerator
Regenerator "TRT-301R" is added to the developer "TRT-301P" in a 1:1 ratio and is designed to maintain a constant level of developer "TRT-301P" in developing device, its activity and stability in order to obtain high-quality images.

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