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A set of chemical reagents “TRT-311k”

Ingredients (the set comes as concentrated solutions):
  • Developer “TRT-311Pk”;
  • Fixer “TRT-311Fk”.
The set provides:
  • high quality images;
  • high stability;
  • absence of toxic fumes;
  • safe storage and transportation.
The set of chemical reagents is used for tanks of processing industrial X-ray film. Suitable for use in automatic processing machine with a cycle of 8-12 minutes.

The set comes in the form of concentrated solutions in plastic canisters of 5 liters for the preparation of working solutions of 20 liters. Specific consumption of the developer of 700 ml/m2 of processed film. Working solutions is prepared by dilution with distilled water.
The tanning fixer "TRT-311Fk" comes as a set for making 20 liters of working solution:
  • Part 1 - one plastic packing of 5 liters;
  • Part 2 (tannin) - one plastic packing of 1 liter.
Specific consumption of fixer is 900 ml/m2 of processed film.
The set is a flame-proof and blast-proof and don't cause any toxic or irritating to humans and the environment while respecting the requirements of safe storage, transportation and operation of the manufacturer.

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