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A set of chemical reagents “TRT-311k”

Ingredients (the set comes as concentrated solutions):
  • Developer “TRT-311Pk”;
  • Fixer “TRT-311Fk”.
The set provides:
  • high quality images;
  • high stability;
  • absence of toxic fumes;
  • safe storage and transportation.
The set of chemical reagents is used for tanks of processing industrial X-ray film. Suitable for use in automatic processing machine with a cycle of 8-12 minutes.

The set comes in the form of concentrated solutions in plastic canisters of 5 liters for the preparation of working solutions of 20 liters. Specific consumption of the developer of 700 ml/m2 of processed film. Working solutions is prepared by dilution with distilled water.
The tanning fixer "TRT-311Fk" comes as a set for making 20 liters of working solution:
  • Part 1 - one plastic packing of 5 liters;
  • Part 2 (tannin) - one plastic packing of 1 liter.
Specific consumption of fixer is 900 ml/m2 of processed film.
The set is a flame-proof and blast-proof and don't cause any toxic or irritating to humans and the environment while respecting the requirements of safe storage, transportation and operation of the manufacturer. Kas yra kriptovaliuta ir bitcoinai http://seopaslaugos.com/kas-yra-bitcoinai-ir-ka-svarbu-apie-juos-zinoti/

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