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Shrink film Mealguard ММ-Р/П
Shrink film Mealguard ММ-Р/П


Application: for automatic high-speed packaging of fresh and processed meat, cold meats, cheese, as well as for the manufacture of transport packaging .


- 9-layer high barrier shrink film

- Thermal shrinkage coefficient - 35-40%;

- Thickness: 45, 65, 85 microns

- Width: 50-600 mm 

- EVOH - barrier layer 


- Special material of the welded layer to shorten the welding time

- Oxygen barrier no more than 100 cm³ / m² x 24 hours;

- Production time for Mealguard & nbsp; MM-R / P up to 30 days.

Comfortable service:

- Provision of technical support to customers - visit of a technologist for setting up packaging equipment, as well as for testing packages in production conditions;

- Prompt response to reasonable complaints - visit to the client within 48 hours;

- The ability for the buyer to choose a delivery method, as well as a transport company.  

Printing services:

Application of multicolor printing with non-alcoholic inks (drying without thermal effect on the film).    

Delivery form:

1) Rolls on a pallet

2) By agreement with the consumer, other packaging methods are allowed to ensure the safety of products during transportation and storage.


Rolls should be stored in closed, dry and clean rooms at temperatures from plus 15 ° C to plus 25 ° C and relative air humidity up to 60% at a distance of at least 1 m from the heating devices. 

Supplier guarantees

The guaranteed shelf life of the film in the manufacturer's packaging is 12 months from the month of issue.    

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